Testimonials from previous Cleanse Workshops

Hi Sara I wanted to let you know that I am forever grateful to you for offering this cleanse. It has had a profound and positive effect on me. I have yet to introduce dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. I will do dairy this weekend and then not sure if I want to mess with the rest because I’m feeling so good! I’ve been treating my low level depression with therapy for years, but this cleanse has wiped it out. My chronic insomnia has improved tremendously. I didn’t realize how powerful elimination could be. Can’t thank you enough!
I feel so well prepared now to address my other physical and emotional health issues through food & lifestyle. I was blown away by how do-able it really was!
Dr. Thyr clearly explains the value and process involved in cleansing. She’s very supportive & non-judgemental. Her facilitation of the weekly support group was important. Her repertoire of suggestions about food choice, preparation, & clean products allows her to be helpful to a broad range of conditions.
I feel that you have done a good job in guiding this group thru a new way of thinking.
This is a wonderful act of self love!
The supportive and knowledgeable insights from Dr. Thyr was a cherished resource. I would welcome the opportunity to do different versions of Core Restore in the future as well. Lisa L.
I appreciate and value learning about what products, such as lotions, hair products, household cleaning products, etc., are non-toxic and generally learning about how I can be healthier and also more aware. I also valued learning more about the vitamins, CBD Oil, etc., all the ways to make my life better and healthier. Anonymous
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