Downloadable Forms

Below is a list of patient forms and informational documents, which may be downloaded and printed from your computer.

For PDF files, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Download the free Acrobat Reader software here.

Adult Intake Form

In this new updated version, you should be able to fill out this acrobat file and save, upload to the portal, or print out and bring in to the office
application/pdf - 419.5 KB

Adult Intake Form

Fill this out if you are 14 years old or older.
application/pdf - 133.89 KB

Fertility History

Print this form if you are seeking fertility treatments.
application/pdf - 70.77 KB

Pediatric Intake Form

Form for child 13 years of age or younger.
application/pdf - 126.9 KB

HIPAA Privacy Policy

Read this form for information on our office privacy policies.
application/pdf - 95.74 KB

Records Release

Print and fax this form if you need your medical records sent to another healthcare professional.
application/pdf - 52.67 KB

Detox Group Application

Print this form if you are interested in joining one of the upcoming detox workshops. Bring it with you to the first class.
application/pdf - 73.33 KB
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