“I can’t get enough of Sara’s cleanses. The make me feel so good and really kickstart my healthy eating as a lifestyle. My aches and pains disappear, and my moods are happy and even” **—Kelli L., Petaluma, CA

“Thank you for changing my life with your kind, intelligent approach of getting to the root of the problem and fixing it the natural way. I never thought I could feel this good without being chemically altered and it has certainly been a life changing experience. You are truly a miracle worker!” —Michele G., Penngrove, CA

“Thanks so much. You have opened my eyes up to a healthier and happier life for the present and future.” —Jen D., Worcester, MA

“I love Sara’s accessibility in being able to receive a timely appointment for concerns to be clearly addressed. (Phone or email). I also love Sara’s warmth and heart-centered wholistic approach as she shares her much acquired wisdom.” —M.S., Petaluma, CA

“Many people from various schools of thought remark on how good, young, vibrant I look. I did not pay attention to this, until I realized I was getting the same complement repeatedly. I now feel that it is the suppliments I take. Signing myself up with you and what you offer has been life changing for sure. I am so proud to know you.” —L.W., Petaluma, CA

Detox Workshop:

“This was the smartest investment in my long term health that I’ve ever made. Reluctant to start, I soon found that I can not only resist my long term desires for certain foods, but take control of my eating habits. What a wonderful gift!” —John G., Petaluma, CA

“Dr. Sara offers an honest, no-nonsense course that really opened my eyes to what I was putting into my body. I have realized that healthy eating is not only easy, but really tasty too!” —Jeff C., Petaluma, CA

“I love doing the detox with Sara, Ginny and Geof. I learn something new and I become more committed to eating cleaner.” —Janice L., Nashua, NH

Hormone Balancing:

“I was just driving home from taking (my daughter) to school and realized what a gift tea has been to my life. That seems silly I thought - being a committed coffee drinker for maybe the last 30 years I never thought I would be enjoying the nutritional benefits of tea! Of course I didn’t realize there were nutritional benefits of tea until we met. In the 5 months that we have been working together I have been repeatedly blessed by your wisdom and professional excellence. There is no question my life and health have dramatically improved under your care.
For the first time I believe that you, my doctor, are listening and that you genuinely care! What a concept! When I first came to see you about my hormonal issues I was surprised that you recommended testing for food allergies however, that of course was the key that completely opened my door to healing,hormonal balancing and the best surprise of all, weight loss! I had been losing weight for a couple of years but had stalled about 25 pounds over my goal. When the elimination of my food allergens I have lost 16 more pounds and find it hard to believe I am so close to my goal weight. Weight loss is not the only benefit I have received, you have also given me the gift of peaceful sleep free of restless leg syndrome and what feels like a normal monthly cycle. Since I eliminated my food allergens I have not had even one hot flash! The lingering depression that seemed to be reside the back of my mind is gone, completely.
I am thankful for the blessing of you in my life. Many blessings to you Sara for your continued success and abundance.” —Julie J., Cotati, CA

“About five years ago, I had sleepless nights with hot flashes. My gyn had prescribed estrogen, in the form of birth control pills, used in my case to curb menopausal symptoms. It worked for awhile but I wanted to get off of estrogen but was concerned about losing sleep again. I went to see Dr Thyr. She suggested calcium/magnesium before bedtime with a dropperful of progesterone. This simple routine helps me sleep. Dr Thyr also found that I was deficient in Vitamin D3 which no other doctor had ever considered testing. Dr Thyr is a dedicated and thorough naturopath doctor!”
—Barbara G., Petaluma CA

Family care:

“Sara is very caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. She was our midwife for the incredible birth of our 4th child as well as the primary care doctor for our whole family. She not only treats issues as they occur, but we find ways to keep them from happening again. My children loved being cared for by her, and in her I found a partner that could help me increase and maintain the level of health not only for me, but my whole family. Sara is very kind, warm and supportive. I feel extremely blessed that Sara is a part of my life.” —Kelley S., Warner, NH

“I can attest to the infertility treatment and prenatal care! She is always so kind-hearted and has such a warm, inviting spirit. It makes her easy to talk to, which makes the communication between patient and doctor easier, making treatment more whole I guess. I enjoy our visits! How different that is from any other doctor I’ve ever met! This has been a neat time for me, because I feel a different person blossoming and that’s very cool! It’s amazing to enjoy every (almost) minute of life, instead of feeling awful all of the time!” —Amanda, Henniker, NH

“I was diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’ at the age of 29 after trying to conceive for a year. It has been almost four years since that diagnosis, but it has been over twenty years since I first showed signs of poor health. At the age of 12, my mother first took me to her gynecologist because I was exhibiting symptoms of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. For twenty years I lived with this diagnosis and sought help from doctors based upon the assumption that my problems stemmed from hormone imbalances related to my cycles. At various times in my life, I’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, chronic stress, hormone imbalances, and hypochondria. The ‘unexplained infertility’ label was the last straw for me. At the age of 31, I sought out a naturopath. Since college, I felt that refined sugar exacerbated my mood swings and was hoping that the doctor could find a connection there. I was sure that my PMS related in some way to my infertility, but was by this time completely discouraged that the ‘traditional’ medical establishment could find an answer for me. I had been through most of the infertility testing common in the field and had undergone two IUIs. The drugs they gave me before the inseminations made me quite ill — causing me to become extremely depressed and anxious — and I thought a natural route might be more appropriate at this time. It turns out that I finally found the doctor I needed. After a few months of testing and adjusting my eating habits with Dr. Thyr’s help, I began to feel much better. My final diagnosis is Celiac Disease and leaky gut syndrome, which when undiagnosed, wreaked havoc on my body and basically caused a melt-down of my reproductive system. After 10 months with a new diet, acupuncture, appropriate supplements, and new hope — I became pregnant. I now have a happy, healthy two-month old and a positive outlook for a healthy future for my new family and myself.”

“Sara is kind-hearted, extremely knowledgeable and professional. Our experiences with Sara were excellent. The flexibility, personal attention, knowledge and support that Sara provided were amazing. Everything about the care we received was excellent. I was so comfortable with Sara and the whole process, I wouldn’t have done it any other way.”
— Kate and Matt, Home birth

“In 1998, after several misdiagnoses, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). I felt powerless knowing that I would never ovulate on my own or naturally. I would need infertility treatment to get pregnant and most likely long-term hormone medication to live ‘ normally.’ I was told that the only real option I had was to start taking Birth Control Pills (BCPs) to regulate my hormones. I didn’t like the thought of being on BCPs for treatment but I didn’t feel as if I had any other choice. I felt disconnected from myself and from a natural way of living. I followed the doctor’s advice and took BCPs for the next 6 years. After years of this ‘treatment,’ things seemed to be getting much worse for me. No matter what I did I was gaining weight easily. My once clear skin became riddled with Rosacea, I began to grow facial hair and lose more scalp hair despite being on BCPs and other medications that were supposed to be controlling my hormones. I was plagued with severe allergies. I started to get severe and reoccurring respiratory infections and colds that were lasting 30-40 days. I was constantly exhausted and I started to experience hot flashes and night sweats. I went to the doctors to talk about these frightening developments and my new symptoms were met with new prescriptions. I felt as if I was lying beneath a pile of pills experiencing more and more erratic symptoms while doctors just threw medications at me. Not one doctor tried to find out why any of this was happening-they were treating the symptoms-not me. This was insane! Didn’t anyone see that this ‘treatment’ was making me sicker? Well I did! In 2004 I set out to find a naturopathic doctor. I wanted to give my body a chance to heal itself naturally and without consuming an ever-growing amount of drugs. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made about my health, and for once I struck gold, I met Dr. Sara Thyr.
During my first visit with Dr. Thyr, we spent an hour and a half discussing my health conditions. I could not believe how detailed the conversation was and how comfortable and welcoming the atmosphere was. I had never been with a doctor who had taken so much time and showed such interest in literally everything that had happened to me since my original diagnosis. Dr. Thyr treated all of me. She treated my allergies, my PCOS, my fatigue, my everything. She looked for the underlying cause of all of my ailments. It was an intuitive path you would think that most doctors would take, but I knew and had previously experienced, otherwise. After only 45 days off the BCPs I ovulated for the first time in eight years. Drug Free!! I’ll be honest, I cried. I can’t sufficiently express how relieved, happy and free I felt. I finally felt empowered. I felt in control of my health. The changes that I have experienced in the short period of time that I have been seeing Dr. Thyr have been little miracles. Afflictions that I thought would never leave me are now fading. I can’t remember the last time I have felt so awake and alive. My once severe allergies are now nearly nonexistent. My excessive hair loss has stopped, my excessive facial hair growth is fading, my skin is clearing up AND I am ovulating regularly. I feel like my body is saying ‘Ah! That is what I needed all along.’ I am happy to know that there are effective, natural alternative therapies to synthetic hormones and drugs. And in my case the alternative therapy was the only successful treatment I received. My health continues to improve daily with the help of Dr. Thyr and I look forward to each new day of healing and restoring my health — naturally.”
—Tracy S., Manchester, NH

“Dr. Sara helped solve an ongoing issue of my young daughter’s skin rashes. After going to multiple MDs and testing we were desperate to find answers. Dr Sara listened and was so patient. She tested my daughter for food resistance and solved the issue. Life changing! No more rashes and mood swings” —Joan C., Redondo Beach, CA

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