Frequently Asked Questions about Detoxification:

Will I have to fast?

No - that is not a part of this cleanse workshop, although we will discuss intermittent fasting and the possible health benefits. There is also an optional 2 day “semi-fast” where we just have the cleanse protein powder in a smoothie and then add back in solid food on day 3. If this is not appropriate for your lifestyle, please don’t feel that you have to do it.

Will I have to be a vegetarian?

No - this type of cleanse includes many types of healthy eating, and getting plenty of protein is critical to continue optimal liver detoxification.

Are the supplements well tolerated?

Yes! Dr. Thyr has experience with all of the supplements utilized during the cleanse. We often change products and everyone is different, so occasionally something will not be well tolerated, but the issue is typically minor like nausea or constipation and resolves as soon as the dosage is reduced.

How long is the detox?

This cleanse is two weeks. There are three meetings and the cleanse will go on from the first to the last. Some people prefer to do a longer cleanse, and Dr. Thyr can help suggest ways to continue that.

Should I come in and do a Far Infrared Sauna? Yes! The Far Infrared Sauna that we have at the office is always offered to the cleanse participants for free during the course. The main reason we got the sauna was to help with detoxofication of all types. It is very deep heating, while still feeling comfortable and well tolerated. Taking a sauna regularly is a great addition to any cleanse program.

For someone with a very busy work and family schedule, is this a good idea?

Everyone can benefit from doing a detox. Anytime you want to really do it well, you must take the time to focus on it, and prepare healthy food to eat. For some people if they are too busy, this might be too much to ask. During a cleanse it is not easy to “grab and go” like we do often in life.

Is there anything natural that has been proven to help reverse cognitive decline?

Yes! There are a number of things and Dr. Thyr will present them and the science behind them during the cleanse classes.

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